Attention To Every Detail.

East West Communities is a proven leader in real estate development. We’ve earned a reputation for environmentally sensitive development and consistently strive to better our already stringent standards. We believe the ideal community combines the best of traditional neighborhoods with modern lifestyle enhancements and amenities. Our communities are specifically designed to be pedestrian friendly, allowing residents to work, live, shop, play, and go to school in a safe, convenient environment. This encourages exercise and interaction, and fosters the spirit of true community.

While our communities share many features, we strive to improve upon our past successes with each new project. East West Communities’ skilled and tenured professionals can custom-tailor our development model for specific markets and acreages. For home construction, East West Communities boasts long-term relationships with some of the best builders and contractors in Virginia and Florida. From concepting an initial master plan through managing home sales in the community, our team provides turn-key service and success.